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Demographics of Tampa

                               White          Black       Native American      Asian          Hispanic

Total Population  67.2%          26.3.%              0.6%                  3.6%             22.1%


1.Tampa is a city in the U.S. state of Florida. It serves as the county seat for Hillsborough County. Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida. The population of Tampa in 2010 was 335,709. 

2.The word "Tampa" may mean "sticks of fire "in the language of the Calusa, a Native American tribe that once lived south of today’s Tampa Bay.


3.In 1821, the United States purchased Florida from Spain, partly to reduce Indian raids, and partly to eliminate a refuge for escaped slaves from neighboring southern states. One of the first U.S. actions in its new territory was a raid which destroyed Angola, a settlement built by escaped slaves and free blacks on the eastern shore of Tampa Bay.

4.Notable events include the Outback Bowl, which is held New Year's Day at Raymond James Stadium. Each February, The Florida State Fair brings crowds from across the state, while "Fiesta Day" celebrates Tampa's Cuban, German, Italian, African-Cuban, Jewish and Spanish immigrant heritage. In April the MacDill Air Fest entertains as one of the largest military air shows in the U.S.

5.Underground Hip-Hop group Equilibrium is based out of Tampa, as well as the Christian metalcore band, Underoath.

6.Tampa has a humid subtropical climate with hot summer days, frequent thunderstorms in the summer, and a threat of a light winter freeze from November 15 through March 5 caused by occasional cold fronts from the north.

Radio Stations

WFLZ 93.3 FM Tampa, FL Top-40 
WWRM 94.9 FM Tampa, FL Adult Contemporary 
WMTX 100.7 FM Tampa, FL Hot AC 
WTIS 1110 AM Tampa, FL Religious 
WLLD 94.1 FM Lakeland, FL Hip Hop 

A Touch of History

Tampa, FL



Lemming-like, more cigar manufacturers moved their factories to Tampa. Spanish, Italian, German, Afro-Cuban and Spanish Cuban workers settled here to work in the cigar industry which created a strong Latin community known as Ybor City Settlement in Tampa began with an Indian fishing village. Native Americans called the village by the bay "Tanpa," which means "sticks of fire." On maps made by European explorers, the spelling became "Tampa.


" In 1521, Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth just south of Tampa Bay. In the spring of 1539 Hernando de Soto sailed into the Tampa Bay to search for gold. Unsuccessful in both European explorations the area remained undeveloped for hundreds of years afterwards.

What’s Happening?

Big Networks Picking Up Tampa Bay Reality Show

The Popular Reality Series has everyone going from the Boardroom to the Basement!

Peak Performance Expert Delatorro L. McNeal, II is in talks with numerous national networks to pick up his Reality TV series, THE KEYNOTE, which has taken Tampa by storm. Reality television has taken over the industry nowadays and Delatorro is adding his direct approach and fearless production to add flavor to an already booming market.

When Was The Last Time You Watched a Reality Television Show that Actually Inspired You To Do Better At Work, Communicate More Directly and Overcome Your Fears? Well now it’s here and reality TV programming will never be the same!

In conjunction with Tampa natives H John Mejia (In the Zone TV), John Jones (Sanity Films), and Malachi Cull (Allure Cinema) Peak Performance Expert Delatorro L. McNeal, II has branded THE KEYNOTE as a true reality series that was conceptualized, shot and launched in Tampa. It is already being tied to a National Audience.

The Keynote reality series prides itself on being different than the typical reality show... 

People don't cheat to win.
People don't fight every five minutes.
The cast is NOT coached to be negative or instigative.
Everyone competes, but nobody gets kicked off.
The prize is not money, but rather life-changing opportunity. 


1.Busch Gardens -  Category: Amusement Parks 3000 E Busch Blvd - Tampa, FL 33612 (888) 800-5447 -(visit website).

2.Club BIGGIE Nights -  Caribbean Hut Lounge 4139 E. Busch Blvd - Tampa, FL 33617 (813) 386-1000 -(visit website)

3.Club Temple -  Category: Night Clubs - (view video) 

4.The Florida Aquarium -  Category: Aquariums 701 Channelside Dr - Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 273-4000 -(visit website)



1.African-American Men’s Health Forum (813) 745-6448 Presented by The Florida Prostate Cancer Network. 

2.Florida African American Heritage Celebration -Held at Pinewood Cultural Park. (727) 582-2123 -(visit website) Celebration of black history and culture. 

3.Florida State Fair - (visit website) Features the best arts, crafts, livestock, entertainment and food found in Florida. 

4.Shekinah Glory Cathedral -  78 S. 78th Street, Tampa, FL (215) 687-2801 Tampa's very own Annual G.I.R.L.S. Rock Award Show (March)   - (visit website)

5.Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival - (visit website) A 10 day cultural event that features speakers, musicians, artists, poets and craftspeople locally and nationally. 

6.Tampa Bay Blues Festival  (727) 824-6163 - (visit website)


Tampa, FL Black Motorcycle Clubs


1.Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church -  2101 Lowe Street, Tampa, FL 33605-3517 (813) 229-1438 - (visit website)

2.Bible-Based Fellowship Church -  4811 Ehrlich Road, Tampa, FL 33624 - Phone (813) 264-4050 -(visit website)

3.Bruised, But Not Broken Ministries, Inc. -  P.O. B0X 7950, Tampa, FL 33673 (813) 526-0492   - (visit website)

4.First Baptist Church of College Hill -  3838 North 29th Street, Tampa, FL 33610 - Phone (813) 248-6600 - (visit website)

5.First Mt Carmel AME Church -  4406 North 26th Street, Tampa, FL 33610-7706 (813) 236-2322

6.Gregg Temple AME Church -  4603 North 42nd Street, Tampa, FL 33610-6752 (813) 623-2107

7.Mt Olive Ame Church -  1902 West La Salle Street, Tampa, FL 33607-5421 (813) 254-6282

8.Mt Zion Ame Church -  7401 South Kissimmee Street, Tampa, FL 33616-2820 (813) 837-0129

9.Pieasant Chapel Ame Church -  2615 Chipco Street, Tampa, FL 33605-1430 (813) 248-1524

10.Shekinah Glory Cathedral -  78 S. 78th Street, Tampa, FL (215) 687-2801  - (visit website)

11.St James Ame Church -  5202 South 86th Street, Tampa, FL 33619-7134 (813) 677-2411 

Black Cuban musician Immigrants exhibit at Ybor City Museum



Royal Theater
Opened in 1948, in the heart of St. Petersburg's Black community, this 700-seat movie house was built in the Quonset Hut style; along with the long-demolished Park and the Harlem Theaters, it was theonly two movie theater catering to African Americans during Segregation; the theater closed in 1966, but underwent a major renovation in 2003 to now house the Southside Boys and Girls Club, Youth Dancers, a recording studio, Royal Theater plays and short films; it remains the cultural heart of the 22nd Street South Black community.

ADMISSION: Varies during special performances, otherwise donations welcome.

ADDRESS: 1011 22nd Street South  MAP

PARKING: On street

PHONE: 727-327-655

Carter G. Woodson African American History Museum 

Recently opened and named for the founder of Negro History Week and Black History Month presents traveling and permanent exhibits on African-american women in Florida history; its collection covers the history of St. Petersburg’s Black community and also hosts traveling exhibitions; perhaps the most soulful event here is the community-based oral history program; the Legacy Garden at the museum is a sprawling vista complete with magnolias, a flowing fountain, a rose garden and brick pathways


Address: 2240 9th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Phone: (727) 323-1104

Monday            12PM–5PM

Tuesday            12PM–5PM

Wednesday      12PM–5PM

Thursday          12PM–5PM

Friday                12PM–5PM

Saturday           Closed

Sunday              Closed


Ybor City State Museum
Focuses on the heritage of Ybor City; features exhibits on on Vicente Martinez Ybor, the area's founding and history of Ybor City, the cigar industry, the historical social clubs; housed in the Ferlita Bakery building by the Ferlita family, Italian immigrants who established the business in 1896; though most of the museum reflects the Spanish-centric Cuban to America heritage many of those Cuban immigrants were of mixed African descent; one expression of the mixed culture is the "La Casita" shotgun house recreated as a cigar worker's home at the turn of the century; shotgun houses near the museum were commonly built by descendants of Africans in the Americas; located in Ybor City State Historic Park.

ADMISSION: Adults $3; Age 5 and under enter FREE
DAYS & HOURS: Daily 9a–5p

ADDRESS: 818 East Ninth Ave  MAP

PARKING: metered parking across from Centennial Park and at the Centro Ybor Parking Garage on East 5th Avenue.

PHONE: 813-247-6323

WEBSITE: http://www.ybormuseum.org

Bradenton, FL

Family Heritage House
Located in at Manatee Community College, it contains decades of local news clippings and archives, including local church history, biographical information,  video library, and a children's room; Harmie Davis Baker Research Room is filled with a variety of books and displays; over the years it has presented a collection of artwork and memorabilia exploring historical and contemporary ideas about stereotypes in the Black community.


ADMISSION: Donations welcome
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Thu 11a-6p and Sat by appt

ADDRESS: 5840 26th Street West  MAP

PARKING: On street

PHONE: 813-752-5319

WEBSITE: http://www.familyheritagehouse.com

A Touch of History


The United States purchased Florida from Spain in 1821. Tampa was founded in 1855. It was nicknamed “The Big Guava” by an early Tampa pioneer who tried unsuccessfully to cultivate guavas. The 1880 US Census indicates it to have been a small town of only 700 citizens. Then Henry B. Plant extended the railroad to Tampa in 1884 and started a steamship line from Tampa to Key West to Havana triggering a population boom. Don Vicente Martinez Ybor, an influential cigar manufacturer and Cuban exile, moved his cigar business from Key West to a palmetto-covered area east of Tampa in 1885. The following year, his first Tampa cigar factory opened. 

Then lemming-like, more cigar manufacturers moved their factories to Tampa. Spanish, Italian, German, Afro-Cuban and Spanish Cuban workers settled here to work in the cigar industry which created a strong Latin community known as Ybor City. Nearly 12,000 people worked in more than 200 factories making Ybor City the "Cigar Capital of the World." In 1891, Plant further boosted the area with the opening of the Tampa Bay Hotel. The building, with its distinctive Moorish architecture, still stands with six silver onion-shaped minarets that are a Tampa landmark. No longer a sleepy town, by 1900 Tampa increased to 16,000 residents; nearly 28% were African Americans.

When the United States declared war on Spain in 1898, Tampa was the port of embarkation for troops headed to Cuba. Teddy Roosevelt organized his "Rough Riders" at the Tampa encampment. Though little reported until recently, African Americans were among the battalion of Rough Riders.

Unfortunately, the law served Afro-Cubans and African Americans differently than the other groups. Afro-Cubans were excluded from Cuban mutual aid societies when a Florida law passed in 1904. There were no black policemen. When people of African descent sought legal grievances against people of European descent, incredibly they always lost. When there were violent offences among people of color, the law either did nothing or only gave a slap on the wrist. For example one man found guilty for killing a fellow Black man was fined only $5. Many similar cases were dismissed entirely. The police permitted prostitution in Black neighborhoods but not in white neighborhoods. Thus, sanctioned lawlessness was conditioned among Tampa’s dark-hued citizens.

Author Jeffery S Adler reports in his historical essay Black Violence in Late Ninetheenth Century Tampa that the media fanned fears of the “Black Brute”, thereby ensuring an overreaction to interracial conflict and selling more papers. Second the criminal justice system distorted Black social life by not upholding their duty to all citizens fairly and without regard to race.

Black citizens did not watch these transgressions idly. In 1908 they constructed the La Union Marti-Maceo Building as their social club in Ybor City. Early in the 20th century the Tampa Urban League was founded to help African Americans better their station in life and to provide positive voices to the media. Later Tampa, played an active but lower key role in the Civil Rights Movement.


 Interracial progress has clearly been made in Tampa. African Americans have been able to migrate to nearby St Petersburg and Clearwater and other middle-class communities since the late the 1960s. But considering the legacy of the injustice system fostered since the late 1800, crime and interracial trust still have a ways to go. Tampa has seen its share of racial flare-ups as late as the 1980s. But there's a lot more good news to build upon since then. Crime reduced and tourism jobs increased in this tropical paradise.


Caladesi Island
One of the few completely natural islands off the coast of Florida and only accessible by ferry or boat, it has acres of sand dunes, mangroves, maritime hammock, mangrove forests and miles of beautiful gulf beaches with shallow, clear, calm waters; this is a special place to connect with nature or just retreat; Caladesi Island was created in 1921 after a hurricane created Hurricane Pass and separated it from Honeymoon Island; Fishing, shelling and nature studies are ways to enjoy a visit to Caladesi; boaters enjoy day use or overnight in the 108 slip bayside marina; there is no camping on the island; Caladesi has the distinction of being voted America's best beach in 2008.

DAYS & HOURS: Daily 8a-Sundown

ADDRESS: 1 Causeway Blvd to the ferry  MAP

PHONE: 727-469-5918

WEBSITE: http://www.floridastateparks.org/CaladesiIsland

Clearwater Beach
A great, clean family beach island with plenty of surrounding hotels; you can also charter fishing vessels, boat rentals and ride a catamaran to the area’s extensive water recreation and nature-based attractions; Clearwater Memorial Causeway connects to the mainland.

DAYS & HOURS: Daily 8a-Sundown.

ADDRESS: South Gulfview Blvd, Clearwater  MAP

PHONE: 727-464-3347 Chamber of Commerce
WEBSITE: http://www.clearwaterbeach.com

Fort De Soto Park and Beach
Opened in 1962, it consists of 1,136 acres on 5 interconnected islands located at the tip of Pinellas County in Tierra Verde; also known for its historiccanons that once guard the entrance to Tampa Bay, the park includes over 7 miles of the finest white sand beaches, boat docks, camp grounds, fishing piers, nature trails, and a canoe trail; has been named one of America's top beaches twice.

ADDRESS: 3500 Pinellas Bayway, South; Tierra Verde  MAP

PHONE: 727-582-2267

WEBSITE: http://www.pinellascounty.org/park/05_Ft_DeSoto.htm

Sunken Gardens
This unique four-acre garden with meandering paths drops 15 feet below street level and has unique specimen tropical trees and flowering plants; a historic attraction since 1935, this botanical paradise in the city, is home to some of the oldest and most exotic tropical plants in the region, plus cascading waterfalls and demonstration gardens, more than 50,000 tropical plants and flowers

DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat 10a-4:30p, Sun Noon-4:30p

ADMISSION: Adults $8, age 55+ $6, age 2-11 $4, age 1 and under enter FREE

ADDRESS: 1825 Fourth Street North, St. Petersburg  MAP

PHONE: 727-893-7336

WEBSITE: http://www.stpete.org/sunken.htm

Sawgrass Lake Park
A mile-long boardwalk winds through this 400-acre preserve of swampland, wetlands, canals, lakes and an observation tower; the park’s mile-long boardwalk and dirt trail make it easy to see animals in their natural settings, such as butterflies, herons, egrets, ibis, wood storks, alligators and turtles.

DAYS & HOURS: Daily 8a-Sundown

ADDRESS: 7400 25th Street, North; St. Petersburg  MAP

PHONE: Environmental Center 727-526-3020

WEBSITE: http://www.pinellascounty.org/park/16_Sawgrass.htm

Florida Botanical Gardens
Opened in 2001, it features 30 acres of cultivated gardens and 90 acres of natural landscapes that showcase Florida's flora, fauna and natural resources in motivational surroundings that promote environmentally friendly techniques; Over 150 types of bird, mammals, and reptiles live here, including endangered or threatened species such as Southern Bald Eagles, Gopher Tortoises and Sherman Fox squirrels.



DAYS & HOURS: Garden daily 7a-7p, Welcome Center Mon-Fri 8a-5p 

ADDRESS: 12520 Ulmerton Road, Largo  MAP

PHONE: 727-582-2100

WEBSITE: http://www.flbg.org

Honeymoon Island
Vacationers first enjoyed this island in the 1940's with bungalows and gulf breezes that made for a perfect getaway; then in 1964, a causeway connected Honeymoon Island and Clearwater - developers arrived; Visitors can enjoy sunbathing or swimming in the warm Gulf waters; fishers like the tarpon, flounder, trout, redfish and  snapper in these parts; family friendly, the park features picnic pavilions, bathhouses, a concession stand, several nature trails, bird observation areas and the only "pet beach" in the state.

DAYS & HOURS: daily 8a-Sundown

ADDRESS: 1 Causeway Blvd to the ferry, Clearwater  MAP

PHONE: 727-469-5918

WEBSITE: http://www.floridastateparks.org/CaladesiIsland

Sand Key Beach & Park
Opened to the public in 1984, it is another fine family beach island nestled against 95 acres on a barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and Clearwater; it is sperated from Claearwater Beach by Clearwater Pass; the park contains 2 picnic shelters with grills, a playground, picnic tables, cabana rentals, 2 beach wheel-chairs, 9 outdoor shower towers and even a dog park; no loud noise for the beach, sea turtles deposit eggs here in their annual renewal of the ecosystem;Clearwater Memorial Causeway connects to the mainland.

DAYS & HOURS: Daily 8a-Sundown

ADDRESS: South Gulfview Blvd, Sand Key  MAP

PHONE: 727-588-4852
WEBSITE: http://www.pinellascounty.org/park/15_Sand_Key.htm

Redington Pier 
Aptly named, the wooden structure pier is 1,017 feet long with numerous shelters, benches,  a tackle and bait house; with features like these over the Gulf of Mexico, its very popular with fisherman.

DAYS & HOURS: Daily 8a-Sundown
17490 Gulf Blvd, Redington Shores
PHONE: 727-391-9398
WEBSITE: http://www.floridasbeach.com/moreinfo.php?ID=6731&type=parks

Egmont Key State Park
This 440-acre island is the home to one of the last government-operated lighthouses (built in 1858) in the nation and the remains of Fort Dade, a Spanish-American War-era fort; now a wildlife refuge, Egmont Key was a camp for captured Seminoles during the Third Seminole war and was a Union Navy base during the Civil War; sunbathing, swimming in the warm bay waters, walking through the historic ruins of Fort Dade, or walking the brick paths that remain from the days Fort Dade was an active community with 300 residents; youth camping is available by contacting the park office; view the wildlife and natural environment at every turn; go snorkeling and take day-trip boating or fishing excursions to this island; only accessible by boat from Fort De Soto Park.

DAYS & HOURS: Daily 8a-Sundown

ADDRESS: Egmont Key  MAP

PHONE: 727-893-2627

WEBSITE: http://funandsun.com/parks/EgmontKey/egmontkey.html

Weedon Island Preserve & Canoe Trail
Cultural and Natural History Center opened in 2002 to interpret the natural, cultural and archaeological history of the this region; Native Americans played a major role in the workshops that include architects, archaeologists, marine scientists, ecologists, and museum specialists; paddle the 4-mile canoe trail through this mangrove island or hike a mile long boardwalk to the observation platforms and tower.

DAYS & HOURS: Daily 8a-Sundown

ADDRESS: 1500 Weedon Island Drive, St. Petersburg  MAP

PHONE: 727-453-6515

WEBSITE: http://www.weedonislandcenter.org



A 230,000 square-foot dining and entertainment center adjacent to the Florida Aquarium, St. Pete Forum, Tampa Port Authority cruise terminal and located anmong high rise condominiums and hotels; Channelside restaurants indoor, outdoor dining, value and upscale restaurants set to a live music atmosphere on bricklined walkways; Channelside Cinemas with an IMAX theater are popular with families and complex has frequent special events in the courtyard;  enhance the reasons for visitors to hang out pre- and post-cruise, people are in a good mood and love seeing cargo ships and commercial cruises come and go.


DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat 11a-6p, Sun 12a-6p, restaurant and club hours vary

ADDRESS: 615 Channelside Drive  MAP

PARKING: garage on premises and valet parking

TRANSIT: trolley from Downtown Tampa and Ybor City

PHONE: 813-223-4250

WEBSITE: http://www.channelside.us

Centro Ybor
The cultural heart of Tampa, it hosts an exciting mix of trendy retailers, inventive restaurants, nightclubs and quality entertainment venues oriented around a palm plaza to emphasize a connection with Ybor City; anchored by Improv Comedy Theater, a 20-screen Muvico Cineplex, GameWorks, International Bazaar, and the historically restored Centro Espanol building; the International Bazaar intermingles arts, food, music, Latin Dancing and shops representing the cultures over 100 countries; popular day and night and a frequent festival -- truly a cultural bonanza.


DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Wed 10a-8p, Thu-Sat 10a-10p, Sunday 11a-7p; as one would expect, restaurant and nightclub hours vary

ADDRESS: 1600 East 8th Avenue  MAP

PARKING: $3 with validation in garage

PHONE: 813-263-4889

WEBSITE: http://www.centroybor.com

BayWalk boasts a lively atmosphere throughout the year, hosting a variety of live music performances, festivals, special events, fine dining, shopping and a 20-screen Muvico cineplex in the heart of downtown; restaurants include Dan Marino’s Restaurant, Gratzzi's Ristorante, Johnny Rockets and Wet Willie’s; enjoy the popular Salsa Saturdays in the courtyard.


DAYS & HOURS: restaurant and club hours vary; concerts In The Courtyard are every Friday 6p-9p, the BayWalk Jazz Series on the last Friday of every month

ADDRESS: 151 2nd Street North  MAP

PARKING: plenty of connected parking spaces

PHONE: listed by tenant on website

WEBSITE: http://www.yourbaywalk.com

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
Opened in 1987 on a picturesque nine-acre site along the east bank of the Hillsborough River; the 335,000 square-foot complex is comprised of four well adorned theaters of different sizes, support performances that ranging from R&B, Jazz, Pop, Opera, Cabaret, Cuban, regional plays, and touring Broadway productions; claims to be the largest performing arts venue south of Washington DC; Morsani Hall is the centerpiece venue with 2,610-seat and stage width of 120 feet; 1,042-seat Louise Lykes Ferguson Hall with two tiers of curving balconies is ideal for midsize plays, concerts and dance events; Jaeb Theater (268 seats), TECO Energy Foundation Theater (250 seats) and the Shimberg Playhouse (130 seats) round out the venue collection.

BOX OFFICE: Mon-Sat Noon-8 p; Sun Noon-6p

ADDRESS: 1010 North MacInnes Place  MAP

PARKING: plenty of onsite and adjacent paid parking

TRANSIT: trolley from Downtown Tampa and Ybor City

PHONE: 813-222-1000

WEBSITE: http://www.tbpac.org

Tampa Theatre
Built in 1926 as one of America’s gaudiest and yet warm, movie palaces; fully restored to showcase its ornate Florida Mediterranean architecture, which is a nicer way of describing its lovable mutt mix of Italian Renaissance, Byzantine, Spanish, Mediterranean, Greek Revival, Baroque, and English Tudor styles that make every inch of it a must see; the highlight of your visit may well be its mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ; seating 1446 patrons, it hosts a wide range of Classical and Jazz concerts; listed on the National Register of Historic Places; take a guided tour of this architectural treasure beginning at 11:30a for $5, Free for kids 12 and under.

BOX OFFICE: Mon-Fri 10a-5p; Evenings & Weekends: between 1/2 hour before the first showtime of the day and 1/2 hour after the last showtime starts

ADDRESS: 711 Franklin Street  MAP

PARKING: garage parking nearby

PHONE:  813-274-8981

WEBSITE: http://www.tampatheatre.org

Madeira Beach, FL

John’s Pass Fishing Village
A quaint turn-of-the-century fishing village and boardwalk that features over 100 shops and restaurants; what distinguishes the attraction is its local fishing fleet, day cruises, boat rentals, parasailing and jet skiing; with the beach a short stroll away, the atmosphere is very relaxing for singles,couples or families.


DAYS & HOURS: daily 


ADDRESS: Village Blvd and 104th Ave  MAP

PARKING: plenty of nearby parking spaces

PHONE: varies by tenant

WEBSITE: http://www.johnspass.com